Spa Ease 54" 2 peice Safety Rail Deck/Under tub Mount-Black

Spa Ease 54" 2 peice Safety Rail Deck/Under tub Mount-Black

Safty Hand Rail with Under Spa/Deck Mount

Ideal for above ground spas & hot tubs

For Hot Tubs 27” to 40” Tall.

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Safest Access Rails

Our proprietary attachment brackets allow you to sell the safest access rails in the hot tub industry. Our Plastic Mounting Base eliminates the need for any Bonding Requirements.

This important accessory for many hot tub owners is the most difficult accessory for dealers to market and display. Reason: Quality Access Rails require attachment to the spa cabinet, which can diminish the value of a showroom hot tub.

Built To Last Forever

The Only Rails Guaranteed Not to Rust, Pit, or Scale No Matter What the Climate. And Guaranteed to Not Fade or Discolor & Still Look Brand New For Many Years.

  • Structurally Strong
    3 Times Stronger Than Traditional Rails.
  • Cool To The Touch
    Polymer Ideal in Direct Sun Usage. Eliminates the Need for Unsightly Foam Handles on Traditional Rails.
  • Slip Resistant Exterior Adds Safety
    Our Polymer Exterior Does Not Absorb Water
  • Disappears From View
    Rails Can Easily be Removed & Replaced.
  • Easy To Clean & Repair
    Remove Light Scuffs & Scratches Easily
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Only Rails with a “Green Certification Seal”.
  • No Grounding Required
    Fully Encased in Plastic, Saves Money on Installation

All SpaEase Models can be positioned into and away from your hot tub. Simply lift, spin 180 , drop, and it conveniently locks into position. No burdensome knobs to turn.

includes an UnderMount Plate Attachment that extends under the hot tub providing full support.

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